Dove: Go Fresh Body Wash: Blue Fig & Orange-Blossom

Hello my loves,

Last week I posted a loving review about the limited edition Dove 'Beauty Blossom' collection and today it's time for a product that isn't limited, this you can buy whenever you want. It's time for the Dove 'Blue Fig & Orange-Blossom' body wash.
I'm a big fan of the body wash by dove and I never had one that I didn't like. The one I'm reviewing today isn't an exception.
 The dove 'Blue Fig & Orange Blossom' looks exactly the same as to other ones, white with an accent color. In this one the accent color is blue, like the blue fig. I really like the look of the dove shower products, very clean and fresh.
What dove says about the body wash (I translated the back of the bottle since it was in Dutch):
Refreshment that you feel. Discover the unique mix of NutriumMoisture with the inviting smell of blue fig and orange-blossom. The refreshing scent inspires your sense and gives you a feeling of recovery. Our perfect balance of freshness and care. Invigoration refreshment that nourishes your skin in a natural way.
At the moment I don't smell a thing. Hay fever, I hate it. But I used it a few times when my nose wasn't blocked and I remember how much I liked the smell. It smelled really fresh and nice. I don't know how blue fig smells but I have the idea that that's the overwhelming scent out of the two.
This is what the body wash looks like; it's mintgreen! It lathers up really easy as you can see in the picture above. The gel is really liquidy, you've been warned. When I put this on my arm to take a picture for you, it slid right off. For me this isn't a big issue since I almost always use a loofa.
You can buy the Dove body wash in 'blue fig and orange-blossom' at your local drugstore for €3,56. It's a real winner in my eyes.

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