Hema Special Effect Chameleon Nail Polish

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Today I have a nail polish review for you and there are two nail polishes I will be showing you. Hema recently has redone their makeup collection and they've  also brought out a few new nail polishes. One of those new ones is a true beauty, the chameleon polish.
I'm a big fan of the Hema nail polishes, I have quite a few and these two are the newest additions to my
collection. I already have a similar polish from catrice which is called '07 Genius In The Bottle', that's a very good Chanel 'Peridot' dupe and looks similar to the green chameleon (65) polish by Hema. Maybe the Hema one is a dupe as well.
I bought two out of the six different shades, '61 Chameleon Beige' and '65 Chameleon Gold'. The polishes are in the same bottles as the regular Hema bottles and hold 11 ml. I really like the classic look the bottles have. A simple square bottle with a black cap. 
The quality of these polishes is amazing. They are completely opaque in two coats and the finish is beautiful. In the sunshine you see a variety of all sorts of colors, they're truly chameleons. The under water photo I took from '61' was blurry but the other one did come out right, except the little air bubbles. I hope you don't mind.

  • '61 Chameleon Beige'. This is a beautiful kind of rosy-gold shade. It's named beige but it's beige with a pink in it.
  • '65 Chameleon Gold'. This is greeny blue with gold. I think green would have been a more suiting name. This is a Chanel 'Peridot' dupe, this one just has a little bit more green in it and the Chanel one has more gold. But it's still a pretty good dupe. 

This picture is digitally edited. But it shows you the many beautiful colors in these nail polishes and yes, I have a scar on my thumb.

I'm in love wit these special effect chameleon polishes and think they are incredibly beautiful. They lasted for three days on my nails and that without chipping. They apply easily and I really like the brush, it's not too big and not too small, just perfect. 
You can buy these polishes at Hema for €3,75.

The Master Perfumer N15 Orange Blossom (travel size)

Hello my loves,

Today I have a perfume review for you, a little bit shorter than a year ago I wrote a review about number 53 by master perfumer. I really liked that perfume and I still wear it quite often. Today I will review number 15 by the master perfumer for you.
I was buying some makeup products at the drugstore and when I was standing in line for the cash register I saw a few oblong boxes  I grabbed the pink one and I saw it was a perfume, a travel perfume to be exact. I looked at the scents and number 15 was the one that appealed the most to me, so I bought it.
(Translation: The 15th vial selected, a fresh blend of grapefruit, neroli an musk.)
Does the box looks pretty or what? The skinny long box is turquoise with peacock feathers on the bottom. I think it looks very sophisticated and appealing.
There's nothing special about the perfume flask.  It looks a bit like a test tube to me. But the details on it are beautiful. A turquoise label with one there the name and ingredients of the perfume. Behind the label you see the Master Perfumer logo in gracious mint letters (the logo can also be found on the back of the box). Here you can find a picture of the bottle, so ot the travel version that I have. 

I love how this smells, so fresh and springy. When I smell it, I smell citrus and blossom. The scent can be described as fruity but the musk gives it a little bit of spice. It's a really fresh, citrus scent and therefore perfect for spring and summer. 
I think this will definitely become a big favorite of mine and I'm already considering whether I should buy the full size or not. I think I will finish this travel one first (which won't take long since it has only 15ml in it) and then rush to the store to buy the full one. 

The travel sizes are ideal to throw in your purse and a great option to try the perfume out. If you like it you can always buy a full size perfume of it. I hoped you like this post and definitely go check this out when  you're in the Netherlands (I have no idea if you can buy it abroad or if this is exclusive for Kruidvat. 
  • 15 ml for €3,75
  • 50 ml for €7,99

NOTD: Catrice 630 Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah!

 Hello my loves,

Yet another 'nails of the day post'. A week ago I did one and I decided to do another one this week. This isn't going to be a very extensives post, just a quick short post.
This is an old Catrice polish. They recently redid their collection and I heard some pretty bad reviews. I haven't tried them yet but I've heard that their not very good. The new brush would be horrible  I do however like the old polishes.
'630 Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah!' is light-grey that looks a little but lilacy. The polish is however grey, the lilac comes from shimmers. I can't tell which color the shimmer are but I think purple, green, grey and blue. You can't really see them on your nails.
I think it's a beautiful nail polish. Very classy and appropriate for work. Another thing I like is the name, it's so cute. It's obviously a reference to 'Hey, Dear Delilah' by the Plain White T's, one of my favorite songs.
You can't buy this shade anymore but I still wanted to do a post about it.

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream (01 Velvet Rose)

Hello my loves,

Today I have a review about a matt lip products for you. I normally don't wear a lot of matt products because they usually make my lips really flaky. Let's see if this one makes my lips look mattastic or if it will be a flaky disaster. I'm sorry that the pictures are a little bit dark but when I took them, the weather was a bit cloudy.
Essence has a total of 4 shades in their assortiment and  I bought one, 01 Velvet Rose. The other shades are: '02 Smooth Berry', '03 Soft Nude' and '04 Silky red'. I went for the nude soft pink one because the other colors are a bit more daring and I'm not really a daring person. Certainly not with matt lips. I wanted to get '03 Soft Nude' but that one is always sold out at my drugstore, that's why I settled with '01 Velvet Rose'.

The packaging is a little bit cheap looking but there's nothing wrong with it. I immediately peeled the 'trendsticker' of because that just looks ugly. I also don't like the big sticker with the barcode but that's the only place on the tube with the name of the color on it, otherwise I would've peeled that off as well.
The consistency looks a bit weird and patchy on the brush but it doesn't give me trouble when I apply it to my lips. I applies smooth and even. It's really easy to apply and the pigmentation is great. The color can be described as a soft rosy pink and I think this will fit everybody's skin tone.

I'm really impressed by this lip cream and if I see '03 Soft Nude' I'll definitely grab it and take it home with me. When you see this product in the stores take the effort to swatch it, it's worth it.
You can buy this the Essence 'Stay Matt Lip Cream' at the drugstore for €1,99.

Favorite Albums of the Moment (Part 2)

Hello my loves,

Yeej it's time for the second 'favorite albums of the month'. Last month I showed you 4 of my favorite albums and the song  I listened to the most. Here are my favorite albums of May.

Imagine Dragons:  Night Visions
Genre: Indierock
I've heard 'On top of the world' a few times on the television, the song is used in a some sort of advertisement but I can't remember which one. Later I heard one of their songs in a YouTube video and  I was sold. I went to Itunes and bought the album, I've been obsessed ever since. 
Favorite tracks:
'It's Time'
'On Top of the World'
'Bleeding Out'
'Nothing Left to Say / Rocks'

Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience
Genre: Pop/r&b
I've always been a fan of Justin Timberlake, I like his music, his acting and how he looks :-). His new album is perfect for studying because the music is so relaxing. There's however one song I hate and that's 'Suit & Tie'. I don't like that one at all.
Favorite tracks:
'Pusher Lover Girl'
'Strawberry Bubblegum'
'That Girl'

The Killers: Battle Born
Genre: Punk/rock
The Killers are one of my favorite bands. I love listening to their music and I just love their sound. Their latest album, Battle Born, has some amazing songs.
Favorite tracks:
'Flesh and Bone'
'Miss Atomic Bomb'
'Be Still'
'Battle Born'
'Prize Fighter'

Bastille: Bad Blood
Genre: Alternative rock
I was introduced to this band by one of my best friends, she let me listen to Popeii and OMG that's such an amazing song! That was approximately two weeks ago and I've been listening to this album ever since.
Favorite tracks:
'Bad Blood'
'The Weight Of Living, part II'
'Laura Palmer'

The song that I have listened to the most:
I love 'the Noisettes', I discovered them through Twilight's 'Breaking Dawn'. When Bella is getting ready and is shaving her legs this song is played and I immediately bought it on Itunes. I just become so happy when I listen to this song! I don't know why but this has been one of the songs I've listened to the most this month. Maybe because it makes me very happy and spring does that too.

I hoped you liked reading about my favorite music of the moment, definitely go check out some of these songs and let me know if they become your favorites as well.
Please leave your favorite music in the comments.

NOTD: O.P.I. Plugged-in Plum

Hello my loves,

Time for another NOTD post. Today I have an O.P.I. polish swatched and ready for you. Get ready for O.P.I.'s: 'Plugged-In Plum'.
I've been a fan of the nail polishes by O.P.I. for a long time and I have quite a collection. They always have the most beautiful limited edition and they never disappoint me. The polish I'm wearing on my nails right now is from the regular collection.
'Plugged-In Plum' is a really pretty plum/purple color with a slightly metallic look. In certain lights you see a metallic blue shimmer in the polish. It's however a very creamy polish. As always with O.P.I. polishes it applies beautifully and even.

Catrice Camouflage Cream

This post has been renewed, read my new and improved review here:

I love spring tag

Hello my loves,

Today I have a tag for you, I thought this would be a good way to show you my favorite items for spring and for you to get to know me better. The tag consist out of 12 questions and in the end I will share my favorite 'I <3 spring' tags with you.
Favorite spring nail polish?
I have three favorite spring colors for my nails. The first one is Essie's 'Binkini So Teeny' (219A). This polish is a very beautiful lilac-blue color with light blue shimmers.My second favorite is by NYC and is called Mint Macaroon (253). Just a beautiful creamy mint. The last one I want to share is by Hema, a Dutch brand that's releasing amazing products lately. My favorite is a polish from last year and it's number 85, a pastel purple.
What is your must-have lip color this spring?

In spring I love to wear super bright colors on my lips. Catrice' C01 'Colour Bomb' is without doubt my favorite. It's matt and it's bright pink: perfection. This was a limited edition last year (revoltaire collection). The brightness doesn't show well on the picture.
better picture

Show us your favorite spring dress!

I love floral dresses for spring but since it isn't really warm during the Dutch spring I can't wear it as often as I wish. This peach dress with navy, hotpink, and a little bit of mint is just perfect for me and even the rain won't stop me from wearing it. The dress is by only.

What's your favorite flower?

I love lilies and especially pink ones in combination with white. Problem is, I can't buy them because my mother is allergic for them. I still love how they look and I always get a bouquet for my birthday with lilies. Them my mother just doesn't come into my room for a while. :)
Favorite spring scarf/accessory?

I love wearing flowers for spring and at the moment I love wearing flower rings and earrings. I have a dew but these are my favorites. Both by 'Accessoires'. I love the vintage look they have and the color of the earrings is just perfection. 
What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)
I love the floral trend and the lace trend. I love floral dresses and I really like tops with lace sleeves or a lace back, I love the feminine look it give me. For makeup I really like bright lips and blue eyeliner
Favorite spring candle?
My favorite candle is the passion fruit candle by Hema, it's budget and smells amazing. I can't show you it because I burned all of it.

Favorite body spray/perfume for spring?
I have two favorite perfumes. DNKY 'Be Delicious' and The Master Perfumer 'Orange Blossom'. Dkny (or as my mom calls it donky) is just the perfect everyday scent and TMP is still fresh but a little bit heavier due to the musk in it, perfect for the evening. 
What is spring like where you live?
This is one of the typical things people associate with the Netherlands: flat with mills and tulips. It certainly it's flat here and we certainly do have a lot of mills. Tulips you don't see much in the area I live in but I do love them. Spring in the Netherlands is difficult to describe. The current weather is warm with a light breeze and it's around the 20 degrees. But then the weather can change in no time into rain and 10 degrees. I love it when the weather is nice but I hate it when it rains. 

What's your favorite thing about spring?
My favorite things about spring are without doubt the fresh flowers. I have a giant Japanese Cherry (on the picture above) in front of my window and it looks so pretty. It's the first thing I see when I wake up and I makes my day. The annoying thing is that I have hayfever and I am constantly sniffing and sneezing.

Are you a spring cleaner?

A little, I love to reorganize my makeup  clothing, books and CD's. I like to clean my room until I come to the point that I have to vacuum. I hate vacuuming and my cats hate it to, were a match made in heaven. I'm certainly not a cleanfreak but I also don't hate to do it. 
Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

Nope, the first vacation I will be going on is in the summer. Then I'll go on a two week trip to southern France. I've been going there for a couple years and I know some of the local people there. I'm really looking forward to it. Finally a vacation without homework and without having to think about school. 

Favorite I <3 Spring Tags
Click on the links to go to their YouTube channels. 

That was it for today, I hope you liked it.