Revlon Colorburst Lipstick: 035 Blush

Hello my loves,

Revlon is a well-known makeup-brand in the USA but a lot less well-known in the Netherlands. Therefor I was pretty surprised when I found Revlon at a the dollar store (even though we have euro's). They had nailpolish, lipsticks and eyeshadows for less then five euro. I bought a lipstick and an eyeshadow-quattro. I'm not going to do a review of the eyeshadow because I dropped that one and it shattered. This is the review of the lipstick.
I never tried a product by Revlon because it's hard to get in the Netherlands. But I've read and saw reviews of their products online, and so far they've been good. I have the color '035 Blush'.
The tube is black with a pressed-in diamond pattern. The top has the color of the lipstick which is really useful for storage. That was you can easily see the colors you have. The brand is pressed into the lipstick. That's something I always like, it makes the lipstick feel more luxurious. 
The  lipstick is definitely a nude color. Nude in the 'my lips but better' -way. The color can be described as a brownish pink but wit a gold sheen to it. 

The duration is just like any other lipstick not very good. It stays on for about 2 hours and then it's completely gone. But that's nothing new to me, I always have that problem with lipsticks. 

I love how hydrating this is. A lot of lipsticks give me dry-looking lips but this one doesn't. It also applies very smooth, really easy to apply. 

I believe you can buy this product at most drugstores in America. I bought mine at the dollar store in 'Houten'. And the best thing....... It was only €2,99.

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  1. Love the color! Looks very pretty on your lips :)