March Beauty Favorites

Hello my loves,

Time for another favorites post, this time my March favorites.
I've tried a few new products this month that I really liked. A new mascara, toothpaste and cleansing-milk etc.
From the left to the right:

  1. Prodent: White Now: I don't know why but lately I have had really yellow teeth. My mom asked her dentist what the best whiting toothpaste is and she said this one (I just had my appointment in December and have to wait a half year). The toothpaste I used before was just plain white, you can imagine my astonishment when some weird silver/blue paste came out of the tube. It looks really weird, blue paste surrounded by a see-through silver paste with shimmers.
    After a few days I started to see a difference, my teeth went from yellow to less yellow to almost white. I'll keep brushing my teeth with this and Is hope my teeth will get even whiter.
  2. Escada: Island Kiss: I got this perfume for my 15th birthday (2 years ago) but I never really wore it. Now I'm so desperate for sun and warmth that I have been wearing this perfume quit often. It smells like a tropical island, so summery and sweet. 
  3. Rimmel: Sexy Curves Intense Black: 1 word, 7 letters: amazing. I love this mascara so much! It makes my lashes look super long and holds the curl all day. My mom even asked me if I had false lashes on (I hadn't). I didn't write a review about it because I couldn't get the stickiness of and it looks very nasty. 
  4. Nivea: Soothing Cleansing Milk: Aqua Effect: I updated my skincare routine so be prepared for a morning and evening routine post. This cleaning milk is one of the new products I've tried. I notice so much difference, my skin is more egal and I seem to have less red spots. My skin just look better. I don't know if it's just this product or the combination but I love it. I the routine-posts I will tell you more about this. 
  5. Revlon: Colorburst Lipstick: 035 Blush: My first Revlon product and immediately a hit. Such a hydrating lipstick with so much pigment. Perfect for everyday because of the nude color.
  6. Catrice: Absolute Eyecolor: LE Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties: C01 She's a Lady: I have been loving this palette last month. Normally I go for shimmery shadows but this one is matte, a pleasant change.
  7. Catrice: Longlasting Waterproof Eye Pencil : 050 Brown Town Girl:  This I've been wearing a lot with the previous eyeshadow palette. I gives you a very natural glance. Not a I pretend I don't have makeup on glance, a I wear makeup but I'm pretty with out it as well glance.
I hope you liked my March favorites. Can't believe it's already the fourth month of 2013!

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