Hema: Lipbalm Stick: 7

Hello my loves,

You'll probably know the Clinique Chubby Sticks, now there's finally a budget version: the Hema Lip Balm Stick.
The packaging is almost exactly the same as the Clinique Chubby Sticks, only the Hema version is sterile white. The sticks by Clinique have the color of the balm but all the Hema sticks are plain white. Luckily the cap is clear, that way you can still see the color of the balm.
I bought number 7 (there's also and number 8 which is a red color). 7 is a beautiful light pink color. It looks really lovely and nice on the lip. The coverage isn't amazing but good enough to give you a really soft-looking nice look. I feel like it's a bit too cold for my skintone but I can still wear it without looking like a ghost.

At christmas I read that this was a limited edition for the holiday's but I bought at the ending of april, bit weird don't you think? You can buy the lipbalm stick for €3,50.

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