Empty: March - April

Hello my loves,

In two days were at the end of the fourth month of 2013, the end of april and time for another empty's blogpost. At the end february I did my first ever empty's post and today, two months later, it's time for the second one.
Last time I had a lot empty products and this month a lot less.
I'm going clockwise:
Kruidvat: Body Fruit Body Butter: Coconut & Shea Butter.
I took me a long time too finish this body butter, it's not that I didn't like it. I just don't use bodybutter as much as is have to. Last months I really tried to use a bodylotion or bodybutter as much as I posibliy could and finally finished it. This one didn't really do a lot for my skin. It smells however very good, like a tropical vacation. 
Repurchase: maybe, it didn't do enough for my skin.

Essence: Kiss Care Love Lipbalm: 04 Caribbean Sunrise.
I have read a good review about this but I personally don't like it at all. I like the color it gives my lips but doesn't moisturize my lips, in fact, it dries them out. I didn't finish it but the packaging broke, the turn-up-system doesn't work anymore. So I can't get anymore product out of it.
Repurchase: no, it doesn't moisturize and has a crappy packaging. 

Nivea: Clean Deeper!
I bought this three years ago in Denmark. I kind of lost it and found it a week ago. It's just not good anymore, it smells awful. I can't really remember if I liked it and I almost never used it, it's completely full. 
Repurchase: no, I can't remember if I liked it.

Guhl: Volume Shampoo: Blue lotus and rice protein
I did really have enjoyed using this shampoo, it smells great and foams really well. It didn't made my hair voluminous but volume shampoo's never work on me (I keep trying). 
Repurchase: no, it didn't do anything for my hair and I'm still hoping for a miracle volume shampoo. 

Avril Lavigne: Forbidden Rose
Jeeh! I think this is my first finished perfume bottle ever. A month ago I decided to try to finish up some old perfumes and this one is the first one. I liked the smell of this but it faded away really quickly. After two hours I didn't smell it anymore but that could be because it was so old.
Repurchase: no, it fades away to quick and I like other perfumes better. 

Vichy: Aqualia Thermal Light
I finished another jar of my daily cream. This has been my second one and I'm almost done with my third jar. It's just a very natural basic cream that doesn't smell like anything, just like cream.
Repurchase: yes, I already bought a new one. 

Maybelline: The Falsies Volum' express : Flared
I don't know why but maybelline mascara's never really work on me. I feel like they really don't do anything more than make my lashes black. Well... It does make my lashes clumpy, that's the one thing it actually does.
Repurchase: no, doesn't work for me

Vichy: Waterproof eyemake-up remover: for sensitive eyes
I'm a big fan of Vichy, it never disappoints me. This product is another product from that brand that I really enjoyed using. I can't show you anymore because I finished it but this remover consists out of two layers; a layer with oil and another layer. You have to shake it before you use it and that start wiping away...
Repurchase: yes, I love this remover for my waterproof make-up. Nothing removes liquid liner as well as this product.

That was it for these two months. I hoped you liked reading this, even though I didn't finish as much products as I did in january and february. At the end of june I will do another empty post.

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