Dove Beauty Blossom

Hello my loves,

Twice a year Dove brings out a limited edition. Last winter Dove brought out the winter care with amber but I didn't get that one because I thought I had enough body-products for the winter (I regret it with all my heart). This time I decided to actually pick two of the three products up.
The limited edition is called: Beauty Blossom and consists of three products. Body lotion, cream and body wash. I only bought the last two because I think the bodylotion is ridiculously expensive.
The packaging is typically dove. Clean white with delicious pictures on it. This time the packaging has some relief. I like the fact they choose to do orange with green accents, it gives the products a really fresh look. As always they have done an excellent job in making the ingredients look delicious. I want to eat that blossom (even though it's a flower). It looks like it's diving in a bowl of yoghurt!
The products smell really fresh and light, like a white blossom.
The body wash feels amazing on the skin. Really cold and refreshing and therefore perfect for those hot summer days. Most of the showergels foam but since this is a body wash and doesn't foam at all. That doesn't make this products less nice.
The cream is great, really thick and it feels amazing. I always have dry skin, even in the summer. It takes however a while to revoke into my skin but I don't really mind. I normally take a shower and put the cream all over my body, then I go watch one or more YouTube videos while the cream revokes. This cream will definitely become a favorite of mine, I'm sure about it. It leaves my skin so amazingly soft and makes my skin  smell great.

  • Dove Beauty Blossom Body Wash € 3,55
  • Dove Beauty Blossom Body Cream € 2,33
  • Dove Beauty Blossom Body Lotion € 7,11

I love this limited edition and I think a lot of people will like the scent of this. I don't understand why the body lotion has to be so ridiculously expensive. It has a lot more product than the body cream, but still...
You can buy Dove at your local drugstore.

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