Smith's Rosebud Perfume CO: Lip Balm Minted Rose

Hello my loves,

Do you know that feeling? The feeling of chapped lips and no lipbalm around? That was the the problem I had last weekend when I was shopping. I went to Sephora and picked this up this lipbalm.
I've heard a lot of good things about the Rosebud lipbalm but I never tried one. When I finally had an excuse to buy a lipbalm (I have to many already) I saw my chance. I choose the minted rose one but they also had the original and one with strawberry.
The lipbalm comes in a little white tin. On the side of the lid are little red with blue roses. I think it looks very old school but therefore really cute. 
When I bought this, I was in a desperate need of lipbalm. That's why it's already used on the pictures.
The balm is red and smells like mint with roses (no shit!). The mint takes the lead and the roses stay more in  the background.
On the first picture you see my super dry lips and on the second you see them with the Rosebud lipbalm. The last picture shows my lips the next morning. Do you see the difference between picture number one an picture number three? My lips are still a little chapped but considerably more hydrated. 
Due to the mint, the lipbalm gives you a very tingly feeling. I heard that minty balm pump up your lips but I don't see that with this balm. 
I really like this lipblam. I love the smell, I love the tingly feeling it gives my lips and it works amazing. The one thing I don't like about this is the packaging. The packaging is cute but unpractical  A stick would have been more convenient. It's not very hygienic to apply this with you fingers. But if you wash your hands first, there's nothing to worry about. However, I saw on their website the also have it in a tube.
Smith's Rosebud Perfume CO. Minted Rose Lipbalm:  €11,00//$7,00

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