February Beauty Favorites

Hello my loves,

Woops, I totally forgot to do my february favorites but better late then never right? It's time for the second favorites post of 2013.
Last month I had the products that I used daily, this month I will also incorporate some more outstanding products. Not for everyday use but still mega-favorites of mine.

  1. Catrice: Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette: 010 All Nude.
    I promised a review about this and you will get it, don't worry. I already made pictures and have the palette in full use. The only problem is that I don't have time to make a look with it. I'm just really by at the moment. I've probably used this palette everyday in the last month. It's just so versatile. The colors a beautiful and the quality is amazing. Near upon a review.
  2. H&M: Body Scrub: Coconut Lime.
    In October last year I wrote a review about this scrub but for some reason I barely used it. Last month I had a lot of trouble with the skin on my legs, I had weird red bumps on my legs. I scrubbed with this scrub and they disappeared. Since that shower I use this every week. It works great and smells delicious. I love coconut.
  3. HEMA: Blusher: 02 Blush Medium.
    This is a blush from the 2012 Christmas collection and I never really used it because I wasn't a big fan of blush. In December I bought a blushbrush and forced myself to use blush. I started with a very soft blush by Rimmel (January favorites). A few weeks later I finally tried a brighter blush and I chose to use this one. It's the same idea as Nars 'Orgasm', a pink blush with golden shimmers. I don't own the Nars blush but I read reviews form Orgasm and I think there really comparable. The blush isn't bright when you apply it but due to it's buildability, you can make it as bright as you want. 
  4. Biotherm: Nutrisource Lèvres.
    I think I've tried a million lipproducts but nothing helps. My lips stay dry and chapped  That was until I found this one. This one works great. I put this on my lips before I go to bed and wake up with the softest lips in the world. This product has two disadvantages. It's pretty expensive and it smells awful  I can not remember how expensive it was but it certainly was not cheap.  It smells like a baby but not in a good way. I don't really know what's wrong with, I just don't know what.
  5. Catrice: Pure Chrome Eyeshadow: C02 Bombay Bauble.
    This is the only eyeshadow I have from the Catrice 'Spectaculart' collection and I regret that. I wish I had bought more colors of this products because it's amazing. I was going to buy more of them but when I finally went, the collection was already replaced. Enough Whining for now. The eyeshadow that I do have is great. It's a very pretty metallic grey, perfect for smokey eyes. I doesn't crease and it stays all day long. 
  6. Vera Wang: Princess.
    I have a lot of perfume and my go to perfume is Gucci 'Glamorous Magnolia'. Until I discovered Vera Wang 'Princess'. I took this perfume with me to Berlin and fell in love with it (my friends too, they kept borrowing it). The Gucci perfume is very summery and Vera Wang is more wintery. Perfect for this time of the year.
  7. Rimmel London: Apocalips Lip Lacquer: 101 Celestial.
    I didn't wore this constantly but I did wore it quite a lot. For me that's really special because I normally go for more neutral lips. It's just such a pretty colorr.

I hope you liked my february favorite. I will try to be earlier next month.

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