Essence: Vintage District Blush

Hello my loves,

Today I finally have a review for you. I know it has been a long time but as I already told you in my previous post, I have some personal issues. But today I finally found some time to take pictures and write.

When I'm cycling home from school, I cycle by the kruidvat and I usually can't resist going in there. So I went in and found the last blush form the Essence Vintage District collection. I believe this was the February collection so I was really pleased they still had it. I was looking for this blush for a long time and they never had it, I think I went to 5 Kruidvat's (Dutch drugstore) and they had it nowhere. They probably restocked the make-up an they finally had it.
The store I went had two blushes left. I don't know why but both of the blushes didn't have the gold over spray anymore. I don't really mind because it's just an over-spray but it would have been prettier on the pictures. Here you see a picture from another beauty blogger (Serena Verbon, Beautylab) in which you can see the beauty of the shimmer.
The blush is the 'star'item from the Essence Vintage district collection. I personally think it's one of the prettiest blush Essence has ever had. The blush looks really nice and classic. It contains two colors, a peachy color and a more reddish pink. Both in perfect harmony with each other. 
Isn't that beautiful. Peach with a pink Fleur-de-lis. Due to the that flower the blush looks very luxurious and chic.   On the edges of my blush you can still see the beautiful gold shimmer but it's just an overspray. That means it will disappear very quickly. That one of the downsides of the blush but nevertheless it's a beautiful blush, both color and pattern.
The swatches form the left to the right:
  1. Gold overspray
  2. Pink color from the Fleur-de-Lis
  3. Peachy/orangy color
On my wrist the blush looks crazy pigmented but it is a little but more subtle at you cheeks. This blush makes you look healthy and gives you cheeks a very pretty glow. 
The Essence Vintage District Blush in 01 It's Popul-Art is currently in stores for €3,39. It's a limited edition so if you want to pick this up, you have to hurry. For my it's definitely one of my favorite blushes at the moment.

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