Catrice: Longlasting Waterproof Eye Pencil

Hello my loves,

Recently Catrice came out with Eye Pencils that claim to be waterproof and long-lasting  Today I'm testing two of those pencil for you.
In total there eight colors.

  • 010 New Kids On The Black
  • 020 The World's Greytest
  • 030 Gold Shatterhand
  • 040 Karate With Bronze Lee
  • 050 Brown Town Girl
  • 060 Moss Undercover
  • 070 Blue Berrymore
  • 080 These Blues Are Made For Walking

When you pull at the back of the pencil, a sharpener comes out. Very useful  When you use a twist-up pencil a while you'll notice the tip gets stubby. With the sharpener you can make a beautiful point again. 
I bought two of the eight pencils: '050 Brown Town Girl' and '070 Blue Berrymore'. 070 is a shimmery purple and 050 a matte brown color. They're both nicely pigmented and very precise. 
On the first picture you see the swatches after they've been on my arm for 12 hours.
On the second picture you see them after my failed attempt to remove them with water. I finally got them off with a makeup remover on oil base. So there waterproof and long-lasting, just like Catrice promised.
Here's the look I made with the Brown Pencil.
Products I used:
Catrice: Absolute Eye Colour, Limited Edition Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties. C01 She's a Lady.
Catrice: Long-lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil. 050 Brown Town Girl.
Maybelline: The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara. Flared.

I'm a fan of these pencils and I'll definitely get more colors of these. I gravitate towards '040 Karate With Bruce Lee' and '080 These Blues Are Made For Walking' but I'm also curious of the other colors. 
Catrice Longlasting Waterproof Eye Pecil: €2,39 

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  1. Yesterday I bought the black one and it is amazing! Color is very deep and it can takes a very long and sunny day ;)

    Love your blog! :)