Catrice: BB Allround Foundation

Hello my loves,

I heard so many good thoughts about the catrice BB-cream. So many good one that I wanted to try it myself. I bought the color 020 Rosy Beige.
I've already tried some BB-creams (Garnier, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB). Both of the ones I've tried have I enjoyed and I hope this one is gonna be my favorite as well.

First I want to give Catrice a big complement for putting the BB-Cream in a box. A lot of drugstore brands don't do that. Products without a box could be used by everyone. In a box you're sure nobody used it. This BB-Cream promises to do 6 things.

  1. Balancing
  2. Correcting
  3. Protecting
  4. Illuminating
  5. Covering
  6. Moisturizing 
Let's see if it can make up to this promises.
I love the packaging, the most BB-Creams I've tried had the most crappy packaging ever. The roducts leaked out of there like crazy. Due to the long tute that's prevented. The color of the tube is really classy as well, it looks a lot like the Dior Skin Nude BB-Cream. It has the same rosy-pink color as the Dior one.

On my hand the coverage isn't very great but on my face it's perfect. It gives me the coverage I need. I don't like that very masky/cakey look. I'm more a natural girl.

  1. Balancing: It promises to hydrate my skin and at the same time get rid of excess oil. At guess what.... It does it. It doesn't give me dry patches but it doesn't give a shiny skin as well. Just perfect. 
  2. Correcting: As I said the packaging isn't the best but it's just enough. It does make my pores less visible and reduces my red areas. It also covers my sunspots. 
  3. Protecting: The BB-Cream has a SPF-factor of 30. I'm not sure if it works because the sun doesn't shine yet in the Netherlands. 
  4. Illuminating: It says on the packaging that it guaranties a glowy and silky skin. I don't really see this to be honest.
  5. Covering: It does cover up your blemishes, not in a cakey way, in a natural way. 
  6. Moisturizing: I don't have the feeling it moisturizes my skin. But maybe that's because I don't have a really dry face-area. 
My overall impression is really good. Most foundations/BB-Creams give me dry patches during the day, but not this one. It's perfect for me and that for only € 5,99. I can really recommend it.

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