Vera Wang: Princess

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Maybe you've noticed that I didn't upload anything last week. I had a very good reason therefore: I was in Berlin. Later this week I will tell you a bit more about my experiences there but today I bring you a perfume review. In my preview I already showed you which one. Today I'm talking about Vera Wang's 'Princess'.
Little side-note: when I was writing this post, I discovered that some of the pictures were way to dark. I retook them but I already used the perfume. That's why the bottle isn't completely full anymore.
First of all the box: it's adorable. The perfume is packed in a lilac box with a big purple hart and a gold crown printed on it. In other words: the perfect box for a princess.' And with a little imagination you can see a princess when you look into the box.
The thing that attracted me the most about this perfume was the bottle. It's s pretty and girly. The bottle itself is clear but the fluid is lilac. It has the shape of a hart and the back is shaped like a facet. On top of that little hart is a little golden crown placed  with purple diamonds and little hart-cut-outs. Later I discovered that when you take the crown off, you can also take of a little gold ring.
I smell mostly amber, vanilla and chocolate but for some reason it remind me of a fruit garden. Let's take a look at the notes to see why:

Top notes:  mandarin, orange, apple, water lily
Middle notes: tuberose. guava, dark chocolate, tiare flower.
Base notes: amber, vanilla, woodsy notes.

There you have it, apple, mandarin, orange and guava. All sort of fruit which you can clearly smell. I would describe this scent as very sweet and fruity yet floral. It's a perfect daytime-scent but also suitable for night.
When I spray this in the morning, I have spray it again round 3 o'clock (yes I checked). So not all day but still pretty long for a eau de toilette.
the  TV spot
I bought this perfume almost a week ago and I've been wearing it non-stop. It fits me perfectly. And in Berlin my roommates lend it all the time. If you like sweet scents I would definitely sniff it the stores because it might bee perfect for you.

Vera Wang's Princess eau de toilette: 30 ml: €49,00 $45.00
Vera Wang's Princess eau de toilette: 50 ml: €61,00 $60.00
Vera Wang's Princess eau de toilette: 100 ml: €72,00 $75.00
prices can be different at different stores

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